The smartest, easiest and most effective way to manage your kindergarten, school or childcare.

We care about the education of kids across the globe, which is why we have built a customized, multilingual platform, to help teachers and parents communicate better.

Kinderpedia is an interactive digital and mobile solution,
which brings together kindergartens, teachers and parents on the same platform.


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5 SIMPLE STEPS to bring your kindergarten online

It's simple and it takes you just couple of minutes

Register today

Use your official e-mail to create your kindergarten’s account. Through this account you may then manage all others related to your kindergarten.

Build your public page

Add essential info such as name, preferred sub-domain, company ID etc. You may further personalize your page at a later stage.

Add educators and invite them to join

They will receive an e-mail invite to register within the platform and complete their profile.

Create classes

To ensure a personalized experience to your users, we recommend defining classes in the same way as in real life.

Add children to the classes

You may create private, individual profiles for each registered children. Start by filling in their names and their parents’ e-mails and adding them to their respective classes.

You are now ready for action.

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By logging in to their children’s customized profiles, parents enjoy countless interactive facilities in a private and secure environment


Stay connected and share their children’s experiences.


Send feedback and voice their opinion.


Make decisions together.

Multimedia Gallery

Be part of the children's memories, as they occur.


Schedule all kindergarten events in advance and never miss a thing.

Online Library

Get access to educational resources.


Play and learn with their kids everywhere.

Daily Report

Receive updates about children's attitude and behaviour.

With KINDERPEDIA It's easy to be there!

You are one click away from sharing your child's daily experiences in kindergarten.

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Tailored Features for Smart Kindergartens and Parents

Kinderpedia works around several functional modules.
Each users’ input or output to each module are customized to reflect their real life needs.

Family Management

Manage families and each member of the family may obtain customised access to the child’s account – mother, father, grandparents, nanny etc. – while all personal data about users is stored digitally in a secure environment.

Activities Calendar

Schedule daily activities, with guidelines, notes or attached documents and share personal feedback to parents about their children’s progress. Parents receive timely notifications, so that they may prepare children in advance.

Paperless Invoicing

Center managers can create and send professional invoices and billing plans, track payments and always know their cash-flow situation. Works with Braintree ACH Direct Debit, credit cards, checks, or cash.

Daily Timeline

An interactive tool for educators to provide daily feedback to parents about children’s activity in kindergarten: attendance, mood, sociability, class participation, eating, sleeping and other physiological needs.

Photos & Video

Photos or videos may be shared individually or to a customized group of users, such as the parents from one class or the participants to one specific event. Tag an individual, some, or all of the children into a photo.

Quick Messages

Instant communication between all platform users (parents, teachers, child care managers). Absences, late or early pick-up/drop-off are communicated in just a few clicks. Urgent messages can be sent as SMS.

Events Participation

Educators may create events and invite parents to join. Parents may opt in and out of specific events to which they have been invited. The platform issues timely reminders for each active event.

Menu Planner

The menu planner offers parents information about the child's daily meals, and shows how much their child ate. Parents can navigate to a specific date and see the full report, including quantities and nutritional values.

Document Repository

Our cloud storage solution allow educators and kindergarten managers to upload files (doc, pdf, xls) and archive important documents, as well as share them to individuals or to custom groups of parents.

Medical Records

A health module simplifies the way children’s medical profile and history are stored, including immunization schedule, allergies and other notable health facts. Parents may keep track how their children grow with suggestive graphs.

Survey & Polls

With the pools module, educators and managers may set up and send a simple questionnaire to a certain group of parents. Comprehensive satisfaction surveys may also be carried, allowing parents to express feedback easily.

Secure Payments

Payment of tuition fees, extra activities and courses is done with just one click, as Kinderpedia issues invoices automatically and parents benefit of a quick and secure online transfer solution.


Create newsletters campaigns for parents with a drag and drop design tool, manage campaigns and measure success with built-in reports.

Push Notifications

With push notifications, parents can rest assured that they won’t miss any important updates and teachers’ notes won’t get lost among e-mails or other bulk messages.

Customized Reports

Managers are able to access and generate reports on the full teachers activity log, children attendance and daily stats, financial data, yearly statements and more.


Kinderpedia has been inspired by real educators’ needs. Using the platform, they may enjoy various tools, allowing them to:

Work digitally and reduce paperwork

Build private profiles for the children

Set up an interactive class calendar

Organize events & confirm participations

Create and share memories, with customized multimedia galleries

Share updates & feedback to parents

Conduct online surveys and pools

Update children’s health & physiology profiles

Inform parents about daily menu alternatives

Chat directly with parents in case of emergency

Administration Features

Below you can find some specially designed modules that will change the way you manage your kindergarten

Users Management

Add users such as educators and parents

Task Assignment

Allocate certain tasks to one or more educators

Custom Reports

Access the full activity log, attendance, financial reports


Receive online registration requests from parents who wish to enroll their children

Reputation Management

Get feedback from parents and build your online reputation

Class Management

Create classes and allocate children and educators


Send newsletters to customized audiences

Ticket & Phone Support

Afraid you might get stuck? Count on our help!

Billing & Invoicing

Define pricings for tuition fees, generate automatic invoices, receive online payments

Customized Content Kit (CCK)

Add customized fields to tailor Kinderpedia to your needs


Kinderpedia is designed to provide kindergartens owners with an effective management tool.
With your own customized interface, you are able to:

Manage classes and teachers

Automatically issue and send invoices

Receive online payments

Personalize the way you use the platform through adding custom fields

Get valuable insight through customized reports

Get rated by parents and build your kindergarten’s reputation

Privacy and Security

We keep your memories safe, while you enjoy them privately, with your dear ones.

Profiles are individual

Personal information is stored privately for each user type; children’s accounts are accessible only to their parents and their educators.

Customized resource sharing

Files may be distributed individually or to tailored audiences such as parents of children in one class or educators from a certain kindergarten.

Secure payments

Payments through Kinderpedia are processed securely and directed straight to the kindergartens’ bank accounts.

Safe Storage

Safely hosted on AWS, providing resizable compute capacity in the cloud using Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Elastic Load Balancing and more.