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Kinderpedia uses the advantages of technology to support Brave Generation Academy’s innovative concept for education

"Kinderpedia builds a student's responsibility and autonomy, which is something that for us BGA is to extremely important."

Sofia Borges – Pedagogical Coordinator Brave Generation Academy

The friendly and intuitive interface makes the user experience a positive one

Kinderpedia’s functionalities make it not only a complete communication and and management software, but also user-friendly and easy to use.

„The user interface and how you work with it are really quite amazing. The design is phenomenal, but also their focus on creating a connection between kids and their parents. The media module, the events are really friendly to use. I think the activities and events make it quite a fantastic tool to use.”

An all-in-one school management solution to integrate all the separate tools into one efficient platform

Marcus Schultze, the co-founder of Brave Generation Academy, was looking for a way to integrate all the separate platforms and digital instruments that the staff and the students were using. He was surprised to discover Kinderpedia encompasses all the management, organizational and communcation needs of a modern school.

“The main reason that we selected Kinderpedia was the opportunity to integrate as many services as possible. Initially you have to utilize different tools, and try and bring them together, and that can create - especially with our model - a bit of confusion for kids and for staff to have to work with different tools. So one of the main reasons that we did select Kinderpedia was to integrate as many tools as possible.” , says the manager.

Making the parents feel like they are part of their children’s learning process is one of the benefits of using Kinderpedia

The manager of Brave Generation Academy was struggling to find ways to bring parents closer to their children’s education. Kinderpedia keeps families connected to everythings that happens at school and that boosts parents engagement in education.

“The benefits of Kinderpedia for us specifically are quite a few things. One of the main things that we looked at is how it can create a good connection between the parents and the kids. So the staff members can add media, activities and events in such a way that can cause a good connection where the parents can feel part of the process. That's something that's very, very useful for our school.” added Marcus.

The financial management functionalities help the administrative staff keep track of extra activities and add invoice them automatically

The manager of Brave Generation Academy enjoys Kinderpedia functionality that links events to attendance and invoicing, so that every extra costs are calculated automatically.

“You can create events and activities and how that links into the billing and invoicing. So not only can you then invoice quite effectively and that's all integrated into one tool. But when you add events and activities that are also at extra cost, who carry extra costs, that can easily be added on to the billing invoicing for the clients. So that was really quite great for us.”, shared the co-founder.

Digital communication between BGA’s various learning hubs is more efficient since they started using Kinderpedia

The platform supports the school’s needs for access and connectivity and empowers BGA to use their skills to provide quality education.

“For one sense, it has all the information about the student. And since we have a lot of flexibility and our students can travel from one Hub to the other, it is very important that this is all digital. So someone in South Africa can access the information of a student that is in Braga, because maybe the two learning coaches want to talk about that. So that is really important.“, affirmed Sofia Borges, the Pedagogical Coordinator Brave Generation Academy.

Kinderpedia’s communication functionalities bring families closer to the children’s school activities

The platform boosts communication between staff members from different hubs of the Brave Generation Academy, reuniting all administrative data in one place. Having access to all the information they need without having to switch from one platform to another saves the staff valuable administrative time.

“The other thing is that communication sort of internally, within our company, as well as externally, to the parents, and to the kids that is also implemented within Kinderpedia quite effectively. So you've got live chats, instant messages as well as a newsletter on the platform that allows you to start communicating externally in a really great fashion.”, said the co-founder.

Kinderpedia covers all the needs of a modern and innovative school

Brave Generation Academy has all the students’ information, invoices and communication with parents centralized in one tool.

“It manages all the information regarding what subjects are they taking, their individual checklist, which is something very specific to BGA and it's also the way we communicate to parents. So I mean, it's very extense in the sense that only one tool provides us all these different services.” , says Marcus Schulze, the co-founder of BRave Generation Academy.

Kinderpedia supports the self-directed learning process specific to Brave Generation Academy

The managing team at BGA were struggling to joggle various platforms they were using to make their work more efficient. Appart from all the information the staff needs, students also have a real support in Kinderpedia.

“The part that is supporting us on an academic point of view is centralizing the information for the learner to manage his own, because it's a self-directed learning process. So for them to manage on their daily basis their daily plan. So okay in math, I need to do quiz 2.1 and I need to resubmit the assignment in English. So for them, it's a practical tool." , added the Pedagogical Coordinator.

Kinderpedia makes it easy for teachers to align their information in order to provide a personalized learning experience

Collaboration between teachers is very important in a blended approach to education. Having an innovative platform that can enable real-time communcation is very important for BGA.

“For us, it’s really important to communicate internally on the daily basis. And I think email is every day more outdated. So the fact that they can message the learning coach saying - either the, in our case, it's both the parents and the Learners themselves - to say I'm not coming in today because I'm going to do the photography course and for also, the parents to be constantly watching the progress of their kids in terms of academics.”, mentions Sofia.

Kinderpedia boosts interaction and parent participation

The platform supports not only internal communication between teachers, but also the communication between school and families.

“I think that Kinderpedia can really support us, not only in the communication from BGA to the parents, but where the parents can come in and observe how the kids are doing academically and it's sort of, not only through the portfolio, but specifically watching the progress of their kids in terms of academics.”, says the co-founder.

Personalized training for staff, a vast tutorial library and the immediate assistance from the customer support team make the onboarding easier than one might expect

A lot of users dread onboarding on such a platform because they think it’s close to impossible to train everyone to use new technology. Implementing Kinderpedia always surprises new users, because it’s faster and less stressful than they imagine it.

“The onboarding was fantastic. I think Kinderpedia was open to training all of our staff multiple times. I think we had two or three training sessions first with central, core staff and then with other staff members as well. So that was really really useful but also the actual customer service support on the platform. If you have questions about how to work and how to use it and things, we've had immediate responses and that made the implementation of Kinderpedia quite easy. We're learning about it very very easily.”

Why does the founder of Brave Generation Academy recommend Kinderpedia?

Marcus Schulze wholeheartedly recommends Kinderpedia for all the benefits it brings to BGA: the complete functionalities, the easy onboarding, the friendly user experience.

"100% Yeah, I would definitely recommend Kinderpedia. The main reasons as what I mentioned, so, the benefits. One, the onboarding is really easy. They go through a lot of effort to train the staff members but also the customer service once you've been onboarded. It is also fantastic. The user interface for the app, for the parents, for the kids, for the staff. All of them involved. There, it is really quite a great software. So for that I definitely recommended it.”, says the founder.

The innovative school that empowers students to guide their own learning journey

Brave Generation Academy is a network of hybrid educational hubs, among the first Cambridge online schools. They are present in Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia and the United States. All of the curriculum and all of the content is online, but there are also in person locations where students can actually attend classes to get some personalized aspects.

The prestigious network of schools focuses on a self-directed learning model. The students are enabled to set goals themselves and make their own learning plan. BGA offers structured hybrid (online + offline) programmes based on the British International Curriculum for learners from the age of 12. They help students through their learning journey and enkindle a sense of passion within them.

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