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Kinderpedia helps Maple Bear Gulf Schools have a holistic perspective over all units of the franchise

"At the teacher level, it’s the parent communication which is very easy in terms of uploading videos, photos, mapping the learning outcomes which is essential.”

Saurabh Narain - CEO of Maple Bear Gulf Schools

The manager of Maple Bear Gulf Schools enjoys a complete perspective over all the schools and having all the data in one place saves him valuable time.

“As a master franchise is like having a multi unit setup. We’re talking at a management level on one screen we are able to switch across and see data at a total, holistic level, which is very important as a master, regional hub, because we want to see every school’s performance and do a comparative study.” , Saurabh Narain, the CEO of Maple Bear Gulf Schools told us.

Kinderpedia’s complete functionalities bring benefits to all its users – school managers, teachers, parents

Managers have easy access to all the financial, management and staff information.

“At a school management level, we are able to see how the parent interaction is going, how the revenue reports are being generated, how the child progress is happening.”, said the manager.

Kinderpedia helped Maple Bear Gulf Schools during the pandemic by making it very easy for the students and teachers to switch their activities in online.

“In case of an online scenario, it was a tremendous help how the online learning was integrated in the app and became one single window for parent communication and management.”, added Saurabh.

The digital class instruments that Kinderpedia equips teachers with makes their work more efficient, and facilitates parent communications, which is the foundation of a healthy partnership between school and family.

“At the teacher level obviously it’s the parent communication which is very easy in terms of uploading videos, photos, mapping the learning outcomes which is essential.”, said the manager.

Parents love the interaction, the friendly interface and the useful information they receive in real time.

“At the parent level again, it’s the ease of the interface, it’s a very user friendly interface, some parts of it replicate the wall on Facebook which is something everyone is commonly used to, another side is like Whatsapp, so it gives you that whole communication setup in a familiar interface.”, explained the manager.

Kinderpedia helps teachers save up to 9 hours every week

Teachers from Maple Bear Gulf Schools use the platform for mapping the attendance so the parents are aware of the moment children enter the classroom, and for uploading the learning outcomes for the units and attaching the activities which are done with it so that the parents are aware of what the children are learning on a daily basis.

“Parents love seeing photos and videos to be able to share them with their friends. And the last part is obviously the daily reports and the feedback on a weekly basis. To communicate with the parent to know how a child is progressing, what needs to be done at home, etc” , affirmed Saurabh.

Looking for a cloud-based, responsive solution with better assistance from the customer support

The CEO of Maple Bear Gulf Schools discovered Kinderpedia through Maple Bear Central and Eastern Europe. Daniel, the founder of Kinderpedia met with Saurabh and presented all the ways in which Kinderpedia could support Gulf Schools’ activities – at the teacher, manager and parent level.

“We were in the process of onboarding a parent communication and management software. We were using a local UAE program and we were having problems with the customer support, with the pace it was responding back to parents and the staff. One of the main problems for us was the provider was not cloud based, it was an old technology platform and it wasn’t smart and responsive like Kinderpedia.”, confessed the CEO.

An easy transition and a successful onboarding

“The onboarding process was very smooth.”, said Saurabh. The transition was seamless, as all school’s data was transferred on Kinderpedia through a cvs file.

During the onboarding process there was training available for all the staff in addition to the micro video capsules which were also available on the Kinderpedia app. , the CEO added.

“A combination of the online trainings and the capsules were there and I would like to stress upon the ongoing support: the chat feature which is available for parents, teachers and administrators is extremely helpful to get instant responses to concerns or queries someone would have.”

Saurabh Narain - CEO of Maple Bear Gulf Schools

Why do Maple Bear Gulf Schools recommend Kinderpedia to other education franchises?

The manager of Maple Bear Gulf Schools recommends Kinderpedia for the promptness of the support team, the intuitive interface and the constant development of the app.
“I would definitely recommend Kinderpedia! Because at the end of the day, every educational institution would have some nuances which are specific to them, and I think every software implementation has glitches during the process. And the whole point is how quickly are we able to get a solution and a response to that.” , said the CEO of Maple Bear Gulf Schools.

About Maple Bear Gulf Schools

Maple Bear Schools offer Canadian preschool, primary, and high school programs utilizing methodology and curriculum developed by Canadian education experts. Their goal is to deliver a student-focused learning system in a safe, stimulating environment that instills a passion for lifelong learning.

The Maple Bear brand represents the highest quality in international education and is recognized as a top education franchise.

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