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HappyLand Kindergarten enjoys a time-saving and intuitive financial management with Kinderpedia

“I highly recommend Kinderpedia because it is a complex solution that adds value to all users, from parent, educator, to administrator. You always have the information at your fingertips and can easily plan everything from staffing, activities and events in each group to cash flow for the next month.”

Bianca Lupu - Founder and Manager, HappyLand Kindergarten

An innovative nursery management and communication software transforms HappyLand into a strong community

Bianca Lupu, the founder and manager of HappyLand Kindergarten was well aware that digitisation is an important part of the success of any business, so she decided to implement Kinderpedia right from the opening.

“We started in August 2019, and we knew that in order to succeed, we needed to implement a comprehensive, flexible and easy-to-use IT system. The most important role is to streamline daily processes. However, from the beginning we also placed a high value on communication with the family.”, states the manager.

After thorough research on the market for nursery management apps, Kinderpedia was HappyLand’s choice. Bianca Lupu chose Kinderpedia because its 26+ modules cover all management, communication and financial needs of a nursery, the platform is intuitive and user-friendly and it adapts to the needs of each institution.

“I found out about Kinderpedia through research done before the kindergarten opened. From the many solutions we looked at, we were left with a short list of two apps. After actual testing, we chose Kinderpedia because of its simplicity in operation and scalability as an option in the implementation process.”
Bianca Lupu, Founder and Manager, HappyLand Kindergarten

Building a communication bridge between nursery and family gets parents closer to their children’s education

The nursery’s manager is well aware of the importance of an open, real-time communication between parents and educators.

“For parents it is essential to be connected to the activity and emotions of their little ones throughout the day and for us to get feedback from parents and respond promptly when they have particular needs. Kinderpedia meets all these needs with a single, integrated solution, so it was the natural choice,” says Bianca.

Educators also appreciate how Kinderpedia brings families closer to children’s activities in kindergarten.

“The most important advantage Kinderpedia brings us is that we can provide parents with daily information about their children's activity and progress in kindergarten. It's hard to be away from your child all day and, in the afternoon, try to find out everything that happened during the day in a one-minute communication with the educator, from the bulletin board or a note,” Geanina Mocanu, teacher at HappyLand Kindergarten shares with us.

Permanent assistance and guidance during implementation and beyond

Kinderpedia’s customer support team is always by the users’ side to guide them every step of the way, during implementation, but also every day after that.

“Both during the testing period and afterwards, we had a real partner in Kinderpedia. The technical support was very prompt in providing implementation solutions. We received quick responses and solutions to any general situation reported and even in particular cases, according to our internal particularities,” Bianca shared with us.

With Kinderpedia, communication is transparent and parents never miss anything important

Educators and parents from HappyLand Kindergarten enjoy an open and real-time communication and this helps them create a stronger community every day.

“When it comes to family relationships, Kinderpedia is an extremely valuable tool. We use it for communicating current activities - timetable, menu, calendar of events, photos, daily report, but also for exceptional situations, when messages between educator and family are transmitted instantly, directly in the app without using sms, whatsapp or other means. Because the app has push notifications, no one misses anything important,“ adds the manager.

Parents have, with Kinderpedia, an open window to their kids’ day at kindergarten

Real-time updates about how much children ate and slept, direct communication with educators, events with RSVP, the menu, invoices - everything parents need to know about their children’s experiences at nursery they find in one app, one click away.

“On Kinderpedia, I find everything I need to know about my child's kindergarten experience. I access the activity schedule, the day's menu and a daily report that tells me how much he ate, how much he slept, whether he was involved in the day's activities and how he felt. The multimedia gallery allows me to see photos of special moments from the day. The events calendar helps me not miss any important events. I get my invoices on Kinderpedia and can make payments from there too.”
Madalina Manolache - Parent, HappyLand

Automated invoicing, custom reporting, payment tracking, parent notifications - all in one intuitive school financial management system

The billing and financial management component is extremely useful for managers. Kinderpedia has a very easily configurable billing module that takes into account pricing plans, attendance, optional extras and any other variables we want to enter.

“Basically, invoices are automatically issued at the end of the month and sent to the parents in the application. Moreover, integration with electronic payment systems allows parents to make payments directly in the application. There is no need to use internet banking and even less need to record cash payments with a receipt.” , explains the manager.

An all in one integrated nursery management and communication app

Having all the communication, class activities, planning, evaluation processes and management functions in one platform saves the staff time and allows them to concentrate their efforts on meaningful educational projects.

“Most importantly, all the communication, planning and management functions we need in the day-to-day operation of the kindergarten are integrated in one place, on Kinderpedia. This simplifies our work, saves us time and allows us to concentrate our efforts on caring for the children and providing a superior, personalized educational experience.” , says the manager.

HappyLand - an open-minded community that fosters lifelong learning in a caring environment

The educators and staff from HappyLand are a motivated team that, with the help of technology, manages to combine play, education and emotional support, so that the little ones in their care grow up happy and are eager to come back every morning.

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