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Kinderpedia empowers students from Aletheea School to take control of their educational objectives

“I highly recommend Kinderpedia to other teachers. It saves me a lot of time. What I was doing in five other communication channels I’m doing now in one place, on the Kinderpedia platform.”

Adina Rusu, Teacher at Aletheea School

From a limited educational platform, to a superstar school management software

Before implementing Kinderpedia, Aletheea’s staff was using another educational platform, which had some limitations in communication with parents, but also in administrative support. The school’s team was struggling with adding photos of children in real time, managing attendance of students in optional classes or issuing invoices and sending them automatically.

“We made the transition to Kinderpedia out of a real and immediate need - to have more open communication with parents, to make our administrative work easier, to have all the data entered into one system. In this way, we are better able to focus on what is really important: the well-being of the children and the most efficient organisation of the school.”
Mona Musat, Founder of Aletheea School

During the onboarding process, the school staff received feedback sessions, trainings and support, and the transition was completed in a few days.

“The implementation was very quick, the platform is intuitive and we all quickly got used to it. Kinderpedia provided us with training with all the users in the school, as well as several feedback sessions based on the modules used and analysis of necessary developments,” explains the Founder.

Crisis inspired innovations

During the time the schools closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kinderpedia developed full virtual classroom functionalities that helped teachers connect with their students anytime, anywhere.

“Kinderpedia has developed several indispensable modules: the integration of the Zoom platform - which allowed us to organise online activities with children very well - and the homework and documents modules - which gave us the possibility to upload educational content to the platform and to send feedback from teachers to children,“ says the Manager.

Give communication between parents and teachers a boost and enhance interactions in the school community

Family communication becomes easy and transparent with Kinderpedia.

“Messages are all in one place and parents can easily communicate with anyone in the school as needed. They can watch pictures and content from activities with their children every day, are notified about school events, receive feedback, evaluations and notes from teachers. They can also check children's attendance at vocational activities or even the daily menu,” says the Manager.

Reduce paperwork and save up to 9 hours a week

Kinderpedia is an efficient digital platform for schools that saves staff between 6 and 9 hours every week from redundant administrative tasks. The manager of Aletheea School appreciates the fact that the app simplifies the work of the staff while saving them valuable time:

“For the school's administrative team, implementing Kinderpedia has meant reducing workload in other programs that were not communicating with each other and eliminating some organizational redundancies, thus working more efficiently,” adds Mona Musat.

With Kinderpedia, teachers have the school in the palm of their hand

The platform offers teachers a complete set of virtual class functionalities that help them connect with their class from anywhere.

“The Kinderpedia platform has been indispensable to us in delivering content to children. And the main advantage of using Kinderpedia is that it is a complete platform, bringing in one place many of the features that teachers need, both online and in the classroom. Here I upload the timetable, schedule video conferences, take attendance, grade students, assign homework. Also on Kinderpedia, I upload materials for the kids and communicate via messaging with parents.”
Adina Rusu, Teacher at Aletheea

Parents love the interaction, the real-time updates and the closeness to school that Kinderpedia enables

Parents have all the information they need about their children’s progress right at their fingertips, in the mobile app. No more disparate communication channels and messages that get lost in the multitude of e-mails in the inbox.

“The experience with a friendly and intuitive interface has been a good one from the start. It was also a big plus that we could access any data from mobile devices as well. We were able to see, in one place, our children's timetable, all the teachers' messages or weekly menus, homework and projects, grades and attendance. Unified access to information helps us in making school-related decisions and organising our family's schedule in general,” says Sebastian de Lazzero, one of the parents at Aletheea School.

Kinderpedia empowers students to become responsible and autonomous

With a friendly and intuitive interface, Kinderpedia makes it easy for children to log into their accounts, see their timetable, download and turn in their homework, interact with their teachers or start their video conferences.

“When the whole system was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we were pleased to see what a modern and adaptable platform means. The integration of Kinderpedia with Zoom was up and running quickly. As parents, it has helped us a lot to have access to online lessons directly from the platform, but also the option for children to have personal user accounts. Although it may seem trivial, these things made our work at home easier as the children were able to track and organise all the school activities themselves,” adds Sebastian.

Aletheea - more than a school, a community builder

Aletheea was founded in 2014 with the desire to provide children with an environment where they can be happy and discover the joy of coming to school.
The Aletheea community consists of 300 students, their parents and 70 teachers. The team is committed, both professionally and socially, to supporting and developing other school communities by providing educational practices, resources and practical tools for classroom work, as well as humanitarian and volunteer work in schools in disadvantaged areas of the country.

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