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Atlanthea School and Kindergarten is building trust in the school community with Kinderpedia

“We highly recommend Kinderpedia, to establishments who may feel overwhelmed by the plethora of programs and systems to streamline their work. Kinderpedia is the best solution to many administrative and communication needs with minimal effort.”

Alexandra Dumitrescu - Founder and Manager of Atlanthea School and Kindergarten

Searching for effective ways to engage families in children’s education

Before the implementation of Kinderpedia, the departments of communication, billing and tracking children's attendance were dispersed across different systems, difficult to track and equally difficult to overlap for management. As the school population grew, the connection with parents in the traditional system - phone, email, social media - became harder to sustain and already required more and more resources for maintenance.

"Kinderpedia came up with the saving solution for us, incorporating all the departments involved in the relationship with parents into a compact and easily accessible system.“ Alexandra Dumitrescu, the founder of Atlanthea School and Kindergarten shares with us. Find out why they chose Kinderpedia in the first place and what makes them recommend our platform to every manager who wants to transform their school or childcare center into a landmark of value.

Switching to a smart way of working took in just a few days

Atlanthea made the transition to Kinderpedia with the help of our support team. Our trainers carried out demo activities with the staff and the parents. The tutorial library ensured a smooth implementation.

“From the beginning there was support and patience from the team to respond and guide us in the implementation of the system. The professionalism and attention that Kinderpedia offers, as if we were the only client, convinced us to a long collaboration.”
Alexandra Dumitrescu - Founder and Manager of Atlanthea School and Kindergarten

Enjoying a stress free, transparent and real-time communication with parents

Kinderpedia is now the main channel for connecting the entire Atlanthea staff with families, their closest collaborators.

“Kinderpedia's direct parent-teacher communication options have helped us to create a secure, efficient and flexible channel between the two parties, while respecting the privacy and personal information of teachers.” , the manager shares with us.

Teachers save time and organize their activities in a smart, efficient way

The child attendance tracking system, activity reports, quick messaging, virtual classroom – are some of the Kinderpedia features that are most useful for the Atlanthea staff.

“With all the functionalities it offers, the platform has reduced the work of three people to one.” , says Alexandra Dumitrescy, Manager of Atlanthea School and Kindergarten

From redundant and time-consuming invoicing process to a smart, effective financial management platform

Kinderpedia’s financial management module offers a wide variety of features that save managers and parents a lot of time: tuition fees planning, mobile pay integration, family balance, bank statement imports, financial reporting, payment tracking, notifications and reminders.

“The biggest plus for us is the billing module, which came as a far superior alternative to the programs we were using previously.”

Alexandra Dumitrescu - Founder and Manager of Atlanthea School and Kindergarten

An all in one class management platform to assist teachers in their teaching and evaluation activities

Teachers from Atlanthea felt the need for a tool that would keep them actively connected in real time to the life of the school, the dynamics of the activities, the feedback from teachers and parents.
“As the school is a living, constantly developing organism, a flexible and easily adjustable system like Kinderpedia was and remains the formula that complements our own approaches and ideologies in terms of communication to all educational actors. “, says Crina Maria Gheorghe, Atlanthea’s Educational Director.

Real-time updates keep parents in the loop

When parents know how much the children slept and ate during the time at the kindergarten, it is easier for them to organize the rest of their day.
“The Kinderpedia app is extremely useful for me as a parent because it brings together all the information I need. What and how much my child has eaten, how much sleep they have had and what activities they have participated in throughout the day.”, says Simona Hatiegan, a parent from Atlanthea School.

Before the implementation of Kinderpedia, parents were trying to get updates from teachers, a time-consuming process for both parties.
“Before using Kinderpedia it was harder to get this information, I had to search in several places and sometimes even write to the teacher to find out such details. Using the app saves this time because all the information is in one place, I have everything at my fingertips fast and in real time.”, adds the parent., says Simona.

With Kinderpedia, parents have a clear picture of their children's school activities

With Kinderpedia, based on the teacher's feedback, the parent has a clearer and more complete picture of the child's activity at kindergarten.

“The effectiveness of the platform has proven itself first and foremost in the younger age groups, where the relationship with the parent and the need for prompt response is most pronounced. “, explains the educational director.

Kinderpedia has proven a very valuable and useful platform not only for the kindergarten, but also for the primary school.

“In the year we started our primary school with a preparatory class, we relied on Kinderpedia's virtual classroom functions - catalogue, notes, present, homework, including remote video lessons, both to support classroom work and as a means of connecting with students in a hybrid learning scenario.”, says Crina.

Atlanthea School and Kindergarten, a community where children, teachers and parents grow together

Atlanthea is the first holistic educational centre dedicated to the whole family offering education, parenting and wellbeing services. We encourage children and parents to reach their full potential as exceptional human beings through the harmonious development of body, mind, soul and spirit.

Atlanthea comes as an enriched system, both for state education but also for other alternative education methods that have their foundations in the early 20th century, such as Montessori or Waldorf. We offer a holistic education and prepare the child for the future. Atlanthea operates as a community where teacher, child and parents develop together. Some of the key concepts of Atlanthea School are education for the future, dedicated people, a positive learning environment, learning in depth through reflection, empathy and well-being and last but not least, encouraging self-directed learning.

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