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Just4Kids School increases parents’ satisfaction with an all-in-one, innovative school management system

“Kinderpedia is an attractive, intuitive application that has all the necessary modules for communication and school management and helps you save a lot of time and energy.”

Ramona Costenco, Founder and Manager of Just4Kids School

Searching for the best parent communication app

At first, the kindergarten sent parents feedback, updates and all the administrative and financial information via e-mail. This type of communication proved to be inefficient because the information was getting lost among hundreds of e-mails. So Just4Kids decided to develop their own teacher parent communication app. Ramona Costenco, Founder and Manager of Just4Kids, explains the entire process.

“Then we chose to have our own school platform. This was the biggest challenge, as we found that we needed a team of programmers to manage the platform on a daily basis and to be able to provide technical support to parents. All this required a permanent allocation of financial resources, but also time and attention that we could otherwise have directed towards pedagogical projects.”
Ramona Costenco, Founder and Manager of Just4Kids School

Making the switch in just a few days

Just4Kids made the transition to Kinderpedia with the help of our support team. Our trainers carried out demo activities with the staff and the parents. The tutorial library ensured a smooth implementation.

“Kinderpedia representatives have always been close to us, always eager for feedback to improve the services offered and always interested in meeting our most demanding needs,” says Ramona Costenco.

Keep parents connected and directly involved in their children' educational process

Kinderpedia’s communication modules - presence, timetable, gradebook, events, homework, messages, keeps parents updated in real-time.

“So we turned to Kinderpedia, an innovative platform for communication between school and parents, hosted securely in the cloud and with mobile apps for both school and parents. We wanted to offer families in our community the possibility to connect with us in real time, to have access to all the information concerning the child,” comments the manager.

Kinderpedia saves teachers up to 9 hours every week

The modules of our platform cover the needs of every teacher. On Kinderpedia, teachers can share pictures with parents, send messages, take attendance, assign homework, asses students or put together an entire library of documents.

“On Kinderpedia, I transpose fragments of activities into images and create memories through photo collages using the media module. The documents module works as a vast library where I can place materials for my students to work on. With a simple click, I can present each day, I can place new activities, class events, but also mark the days when we give tests. Messaging is another module I use frequently on Kinderpedia. I can set up to talk individually, privately, with one family, giving feedback about the child or I can choose to discuss different issues with all the parents in the class,” explains Laura Sirbu, Primary School Teacher at Just4Kids

Parents have, with Kinderpedia, a window into their children’s day at school

Madi Ghioca, a mother of a preschooler and a first grader attending Just4Kids School, talks about how our school parent communication app keeps them connected with their kids progress:

Kinderpedia facilitates communication between family and teachers through structured information for each student. Thus, it keeps us, parents, connected and directly involved in our children's educational process."
Madi Ghioaca, parent Just4Kids School

Kinderpedia equiped Just4Kids with a complete set of digital tools

Ramona Costenco shares the benefits of using an all-in-one, innovative school information management system:

“Kinderpedia helps me primarily to organize all educational and administrative activities. It helps me communicate easily, efficiently, both with parents and with the whole team. Basically it gives me a complete overview of the activities of all school departments.”

Just4Kids supports children to reach their dreams and strive for performance

Passionate teachers and educators, and over 800 children are enrolled at the preschool, primary school and secondary school levels. The school’s team encourages independence, empowerment and responsibility. They inspire children to build a strong, proactive self-image that leads to self-confidence and self-esteem. The entire Just4Kids community has the energy and determination to turn their vision about education into reality.

Want to experience Kinderpedia's features for yourself? Sign up for a free online demo today!


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