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Kinderpedia helps SmartyKids centres to automate administrative tasks, communicate efficiently and save time

"Kinderpedia has become a natural part of our everyday routine at Smarty Kids centres."

Cristian Tomescu - Manager Smarty Kids Bucureștii Noi

Before implementing Kinderpedia, SmartyKids was facing several administrative challenges.

"When I started out as both a teacher and an administrator, I was on the lookout for a solution that could cater to both aspects of my role. I needed a tool that would enable teachers to easily access parent contact details, group schedules, attendance records, and lesson activities. At first, I relied on an Excel document stored in the cloud. However, teachers soon informed me that it was quite time-consuming to fill in and update because it was challenging to access", explained the Manager.

Communication with parents was mainly through long phone calls, which consumed resources and did not allow for constant and effective dialogue. Record-keeping and invoicing were manual processes based on Excel documents, and monitoring payments was difficult and not done in real-time.

"When we discovered Kinderpedia, we were amazed by how effortlessly teachers could access the lesson calendar and conveniently track attendance, all from the convenience of their mobile phones."
Cristian Tomescu - Manager Smarty Kids Bucureștii Noi

Kinderpedia improves communication between teachers, administrators and parents at SmartyKids.

To address these challenges, SmartyKids decided to implement Kinderpedia, an integrated education management solution. Through Kinderpedia, teachers and administrators had access to essential functionality such as attendance tracking, lesson scheduling, and parent communication.

I received technical and commercial support right from the beginning. This invaluable assistance enabled me to identify and implement the most suitable technical solutions. It was an ongoing dialogue and a process of testing and adaptation during those initial months, gradually establishing our presence in Kinderpedia, one step at a time, explained Cristian.

Kinderpedia has replaced the Excel document and centralised all relevant information in one easy-to-access and up-to-date place.

“Thanks to Kinderpedia, I've been able to streamline a significant portion of my administrative workload. The app has allowed us to consolidate all our data into a single centralised platform, resulting in improved organisation compared to our previous methods. Teachers can easily input attendance data, and with that information readily available, I can generate reports and invoices. It has truly simplified the process, saving us valuable time and effort," added the Manager of SmartyKids Bucurestii Noi.

"The platform gives us a simple and transparent way to keep track of children in our courses."

Through Kinderpedia, teachers and administrators can communicate effectively with parents using in-app media.

"In the platform, I have convenient communication tools to engage in continuous dialogue with each parent," Cristian added.

Since SmartyKids no longer generates invoices manually, it has reduced the risk of errors or delays.

"Kinderpedia greatly simplifies our billing and payment tracking processes. We have all the relevant information about the children's activity in the platform so we can create personalised invoices that we automatically send to parents via the app. Kinderpedia also enables us to monitor payments and keep track of the amounts collected in real-time," said Cristian Tomescu.

Smarty Kids is an educational centre specialising in mental arithmetic and speed reading classes.

"In the autumn of 2021, we were inspired to open SmartyKids Bucurestii Noi after witnessing the impressive mental arithmetic skills of our little goddaughter, Ioana, through the online platform Smarty Universe. Motivated by this experience, we became partners and took on the role of mental arithmetic teachers.

Initially, I was the only teacher at the centre, but as time went on, we formed partnerships with three other talented educators. Building upon our success, we subsequently established two additional educational centres, SmartyKids in Ploiesti and Buzau, extending our reach and impact in providing quality education,"
concludes Cristian.

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