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Montessori School of Bucharest found in Kinderpedia the digital grade book other platforms couldn't provide

"In Montessori, we permanently assess the children, giving them immediate feedback. To follow the individualised path of every child you really need software. So having an administrative tool next to the Montessori records’ keeping tool was absolutely fantastic for us."

Ana-Maria Brezniceanu - Founder Montessori School of Bucharest

In the dynamic world of education, staying ahead requires innovative solutions to age-old problems. For Montessori schools, where personalised learning is at the forefront, managing a vast array of materials, records, and communication can be a monumental challenge. This is where Kinderpedia stepped in, offering a comprehensive solution that simplified administrative work, improved communication, and enhanced the overall educational experience.

Challenges before implementing Kinderpedia

Before using Kinderpedia, Montessori School of Bucharest faced a multitude of difficulties in terms of child progress monitorization, registration and using the data.

"In Montessori we permanently assess the children considering their work and their portfolio, giving them immediate feedback. You cannot do that having more than 200 materials in the kindergarten and more than 1000 in a school classroom. To follow the individualised path of every child you really need software. So having an administrative tool next to the Montessori records’ keeping tool was absolutely fantastic for us."

Ana-Maria Brezniceanu - Founder Montessori School of Bucharest

Collaboration with Kinderpedia

It's a living organism what they created. They constantly ask for feedback and then take into account the feedback that we are giving to them and that's great.

According to Brezniceanu, the Kinderpedia team understands this. They assist schools in implementing the software, ensuring it's used to its full capacity, creating a mutually beneficial partnership. They help us implement the software.

They help us understand it and use it at its full capacity. So cooperating with them is a give and take and it's always a pleasure, she said.

With Kinderpedia, Montessori School of Bucharest centralised administrative and financial work and built a stronger connection with families

The team at Montessori School of Bucharest found it extremely helpful to use a single tool to automate processes, upload calendars, download progress reports, customise payments, or send school newsletters.  

Kinderpedia is an all-in-one tool. Without it, you need to use a tool for communicating with parents, another tool to create the newsletters. But Kinderpedia has it all. It’s so good to have all of them in the same place, mentioned the school founder.

In Kinderpedia, parents have their dedicated mobile app with features like calendars, menus, and newsletters. Teachers, on the other hand, can efficiently plan lessons, all within the same platform.

Mobile access makes it convenient for both groups, eliminating the need for multiple tools for communication, newsletters, and invoicing.

It's about the unseen part of the school where you need to communicate with parents, where you need to communicate with teachers, where you need to have the calendar all the time there for someone to see it, the menu or what children eat on that day.

"In Kinderpedia you set the fees at the beginning of the school year and then you associate them with the families and then the invoices are just sent to parents the moment they need to. You set different fees according to the schedule of each child or according to the way they pay. You have reports with what has been paid and what is still to be paid. It really makes your life easier."

Ana-Maria Brezniceanu, Founder Montessori School of Bucharest

One of the standout features of Kinderpedia is its ability to improve communication with families. The platform offers a dedicated section for parents, easily distinguishable with a different colour scheme. This streamlines communication, making life easier for both parents and school staff. 

Before Kinderpedia you always had someone calling <<Can you remind me what they have today.>> Well that's not a problem anymore. At Kinderpedia, they realised that a school is not only about teachers and children, it's about parents, too, who are part of the community.

A Heartfelt Recommendation

For Montessori School of Bucharest, Kinderpedia was a game-changer. It empowered the management and the teaching staff alike, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: education and the well-being of their students.

I wholeheartedly recommend kinderpedia to all schools, stated Bezniceanu, especially to those that are in the process of evolving, of developing departments, new levels maybe. If this administrative part is flowing then you have time for what really counts. So go for it!

Montessori School of Bucharest opened in 2007 as Montessori Kindergarten of Bucharest - the fist Montessori institution in the Romanian capital city. In 2011, they opened the first class (primary school level). From then onward, they grew naturally, as enrolled children also aged. Presently, the school counts 150 enrolled kids and 40 teaching staff.

Want to experience Kinderpedia's features for yourself? Sign up for a free online demo today!


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