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Kinderpedia simplifies the management of Questfield School and personalises the learning journey for every student

Questfield School faced several challenges related to communicating with parents and managing school activities. They relied on fragmented methods such as email, phone calls, and instant messaging apps, resulting in scattered information and difficulties in maintaining the confidentiality of personal data.

In our digital age, technology is playing an increasingly important role in education

The Questfield School team chose Kinderpedia after an extensive research process of integrated school management solutions. They understood the importance of technology in education and noticed that teachers, students and parents alike were open to using digital solutions to facilitate learning and communication.

"We chose Kinderpedia because it is extremely accessible and intuitive. This ensures that teachers, students, and parents use it every day and that together we make a lasting impact on our children's learning and well-being."
Fabiola Hosu - Founder and CEO, Questfield School

The introduction of Kinderpedia at Questfield School has sparked a transformative journey, redefining the way parents, teachers, and students connect and collaborate. With a seamless blend of efficiency and empathy, Kinderpedia has become the cornerstone of effective communication, bridging the gap between home and school.

Gone are the days of scattered messages and missed opportunities

Through Kinderpedia, parents now have a direct line of communication that is prompt, reliable, and accessible. They are empowered with a comprehensive platform that consolidates crucial information, providing a panoramic view of their child's progress and accomplishments. This newfound transparency nurtures a harmonious partnership, fostering an open dialogue where dreams, concerns, and triumphs can be shared freely.

"Kinderpedia has become an indispensable partner in optimising and modernising the teaching-learning process. Students can find their timetable, study materials, homework in one place."
Laura Antoniu - Deputy Director, Questfield School

Kinderpedia facilitates seamless access to information and brings parents closer to students' education

"I have found that Kinderpedia has greatly improved my daily tasks and interactions with both students and parents. By consolidating various activities that I used to perform separately in other tools, Kinderpedia has made it easier and quicker to manage everything in one place,” says Penny - Teacher at Questfield School.

"It's a place where I can talk to the teachers, I can also see pictures, I can also see really nice videos from other classes and from my class," says Bianca Antoniu, a student at Questfield School.

Questfield School guides children on a journey of knowledge and innovation

Questfield School is an outstanding educational institution celebrating 20 years of existence dedicated to innovation and continuous growth. With an approach based on four pillars - Academic, Leadership, Service Learning, and Welfare - the school is dedicated to continuous development and is poised to bring education to the high school level.

"Today technology has a role in education to complement and add value to lessons. In the future, this role will become unparalleled. The way skills are assessed will take on a much more applied meaning, away from pen and paper and much closer to experiential, demonstrated, practical," adds Laura Antoniu - Deputy Director, Questfield School.

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