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Kinderpedia simplifies administration, facilitates communication, and enables personalised learning at Equilibrum Kindergarten

"Managing a kindergarten can be challenging, but Kinderpedia makes it easy. It's the complete solution for all administrative and communication needs, so you can focus on what matters most - the children's education and development."

Maria Manea - Founder and Manager, Equilibrum Kindergarten

How Kinderpedia improved the efficiency and quality of education at Equilibrium Kindergarten

Maria Manea, founder of Equilibrum Kindergarten, discovered Kinderpedia three years ago when her son began attending the kindergarten. After experiencing the platform's impressive functionality, Maria was eager to begin working with Kinderpedia as soon as she founded the kindergarten.

"After exploring all the features of the Kinderpedia platform in a demo, we decided to implement it from day one. We've been thrilled with the results and are confident that it will continue to benefit our kindergarten community." ", said the Manager.

The managers and educators attended trainings to help them easily navigate the platform. Additionally, Kinderpedia's support team was always available to assist with any technical obstacles or challenges they faced.

"We had excellent support from the beginning while working with Kinderpedia. Our managers and educators attended trainings, and whenever we ran into any technical challenges, the support team was always there to help us out. It made using the platform a breeze."
Maria Manea - Founder and Manager, Equilibrum Kindergarten

The introduction of Kinderpedia has significantly enhanced communication between Equilibrum Kindergarten, parents, and teachers through in-app chat and notifications.

"The best thing about Kinderpedia at Equilibrum Kindergarten is that it makes communication with families so much simpler. It allows us to provide real-time updates to parents, building trust and transparency with them.", Maria explained.

Kinderpedia provided the opportunity to personalise the learning experience for every child.

“At Equilibrium Kindergarten, we use Kinderpedia to track and monitor each child's progress. We have customised the platform's reports to fit the specific STEAM requirements of our kindergarten. Measuring a child's progress is crucial, which is why we have put in place an initial assessment, regular observations, and remedial recommendations throughout their learning journey. At the end of the school year, we conduct a final evaluation, and the entire process is recorded on Kinderpedia. This allows us to have quick access to information and have informed discussions about each child's progress with both their family and our team." , Maria added.

"In just 10 minutes, we are able to record the most important details of each child's daily activity, such as attendance, meal information, personal needs, and sleep, thanks to the app."

Maria Barbu, a kindergarten teacher at Equilibrum, has been using Kinderpedia since the very beginning.

"We use Kinderpedia to keep parents informed about their children's activities through photos and videos. Instead of spending a lot of time discussing every detail with each parent, we now have all the information at our fingertips. This makes our meetings more efficient and we can focus on what really matters. Both educators and parents find Kinderpedia useful because it facilitates faster and more effective communication. We are delighted with the app.", mentioned the educator Maria Barbu.

Kinderpedia is highly appreciated by parents as it provides them with real-time updates on their children's activities, accessible right on their mobile phones.

"It's super helpful to have access to details like your child's daily routine, nap time or the week's schedule. Not to mention the chat function, which is so easy to use. It's a great way to keep in touch with our teachers and always keep up to date with everything that's going on in our son's kindergarten," , says Kinderpedia parent Andreea Stănescu.

Equilibrum is a young and ambitious project and Kinderpedia is an essential component in maintaining good communication between children's families and the kindergarten.

The two founders of Equilibrum Kindergarten are internationally certified in Reggio Emilia pedagogy and have brought this philosophy to their kindergarten. Instead of using conventional toys, Equilibrium Kindergarten works with parents and educators to bring in recyclable materials from their households, which they use to make playful and creative products for learning. Together with their workshop leader, they create a non-conformist and innovative learning environment.

"Technology is already indispensable in education. It helps the smooth running of administrative processes, is an effective tool for communication and collaboration, and brings new possibilities for personalising education every day. In the future, education will be impossible without it.", concluded Maria.

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