Best class management app for teachers

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Organize your activities, minimize learning loss
and keep everyone in the loop with the best
classroom app for teachears.
class management app for teachers
Best class management platform for teachers
Best class management platform for teachers
Best class management platform for teachers

Trusted by 25.000+ innovative teachers

From 17+ countries on 5 continents

  • Acorns Nursery
  • Adeona Kindergarten
  • Aletheea School
  • Ami Kids Education
  • Atlanthea Kindergarten
  • Brave Generation Academy
  • Big Smile School
  • Butterfly Kindergarten
  • Cambridge School of Constanta
  • Elf Highschool
  • Happy Land
  • Helikon School
  • Just 4 Kids School
  • Kita Lifestyle Educare
  • Lillput Preschool
  • Little Team Childcare
  • Matei International School
  • La Nouvelle Generation Kindergarten
  • Ina School
  • Oaki Kindergarten
  • Saga Kid
  • Eri School Sibiu
  • Nanny Kindergarten
  • Springfield School Kindergarten
  • Toddlers Learning Center
  • Inima Culorilor Kindergarten
  • Kids Academy Nursery
  • Wendy School
  • Mihai Ionescu Highschool
  • Kinderland Kindergarten and School
  • Luca School
  • Raiz
  • Allegria Montessori Kindergarten
  • Politehnica University Bucharest
  • Maple Bear Global School
  • Răsărit Kindergarten
  • Tărâmul Basmelor Kindergarten
  • Edu 4 Joy
  • Prikindel Kindergarten
  • Jump Start Preschool
  • Waldorf Eruditia School
  • Tiny Toes Kindergarten
  • Waldorph Sophia School
  • Transylvania International School
  • Aldo Moro Italian School
  • Tudor Arghezi Secondary School
  • Beautiful Minds Kindergarten

Our users say it best

  • Adina Rusu - Teacher  Aletheea SchoolAdina Rusu - Teacher  Aletheea School

    " Things I was doing in five different communication channels I do now in one single place, on Kinderpedia.”

    Adina Rusu - Teacher Aletheea School
  • Geanina Mocanu – Teacher HappyLand KindergartenGeanina Mocanu – Teacher HappyLand Kindergarten

    „Kinderpedia helps us build and strengthen families' trust, which makes us a beautiful and healthy community.”

    Geanina Mocanu – Teacher HappyLand Kindergarten
  • Geanina Mocanu – Teacher HappyLand KindergartenGeanina Mocanu – Teacher HappyLand Kindergarten

    “Our educational unit functions as a whole. Kinderpedia has managed to bring the entire school under one roof. “

    Aura Serban - Teacher Cambridge School of Constanta
  • Laura Sîrbu - Teacher Just4Kids SchoolLaura Sîrbu - Teacher Just4Kids School
    "Using Kinderpedia is valuable to me as a teacher. The platform mediates, facilitates and improves communication between students and teachers, and between teachers and parents. Information is easier to pass on, easier, faster and much more useful."
    Laura Sîrbu - Teacher Just4Kids School
  • Andreea Mihaela Lipa - Teacher Luca SchoolAndreea Mihaela Lipa - Teacher Luca School
    "With the platform, I have all my activity centralised in one place. On Kinderpedia I create the timetable, take attendance, grade students, send and correct homework, even from my smartphone."
    Andreea Mihaela Lipa - Teacher Luca School
    Complete class management app for teachers

    The entire class
    at your fingertips

    Work smart and communicate efficiently with your class, every day.

    Kinderpedia is your digital daily activity planner. 
    On the platform:
    • you set-up your class schedule
    • take attendance
    • grade students
    • assign homework and revise it in the app
    • turn any class into a conference, if needed
    All-in-One class management app for teachers

    What would you do
    with 9 extra hours every week?

    You have the skills, we have the tools.

    The teacher classroom management system empowers educators and makes their work visible.

    Kinderpedia reduces 6 to 9 hours a week of teachers’ administrative time, so they can focus their efforts on innovative and valuable projects.

    On the web and in the mobile app, educators have all the instruments they need to organize their daily activities, connect with students and families and collaborate with colleagues.

    Communication and class management software for teachers

    Bring parents closer
    to their children’s education

    Turn parents into your partners
     in educating the little ones.

    Forget about texting, post-its, e-mails or offline journals. On Kinderpedia, parents are updated in real-time about school or kindergarten activities.

    Our classroom app reduces parental anxiety, facilitates open communication and enables partnership.

    Families have access to information on classroomactivity at all times and the learning process can continue at home.

    Track child progress in class - the best software for teachers

    Tracking each child’s progress 
    just got easier

    Evaluate and monitor growth in real time
    with a digital and versatile tool.

    Kinderpedia’s Child Development module
    allows teachers to:
    • register observations about children’s progress
    • assess them according to their own curriculum
    • elaborate individual learning plans.
    Progress reports can also be shared with parents, enhancing family participation in education and maximising the potential of every student.

    Tailored features for innovative school teachers

    Activities Timetable - class management software

    Activities Timetable

    Track Attendance - class management software


    Daily report  - class management software

    Daily Report

    Gradebook - class management software


    Assessments - class management software

    Homework & Assessments

    Homework Revision in class management software

    In-app Homework revision

    Share documents - class management software


    Plan video lessons - class management software

    Video Conferences

    Track child progress - class management software

    Child development

    Manage families database - class management software

    Families Management

    Organise children groups - class management software

    Children Groups

    Upload photos - class management software

    Media Gallery

    Share weekly menu - class management software

    Weekly Menu Planner

    Teacher events calendar - class management software


    Quick messages

    Quick messages

    Predefined message templates

    Predefined message templates

    Quick absence notification

    Quick absence notification

    Live Chat

    Live Chat

    Surveys and Polls

    Surveys and Polls



    Medical Records

    Medical Records

    QR Code Check-in

    QR Code Check-in

    Custom Reporting

    Custom Reporting

    Progress templates

    Progress templates

    Quick observations

    Quick observations

    Observations overview

    Observations overview

    Progress reports

    Progress reports

    Learning journals

    Learning journals

    Lesson planning

    Lesson planning

    Progress updates for families

    Progress updates for families

    Child portfolio

    Child portfolio

    Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Don’t take our word for it.
    Here’s what our users say


    4 easy steps
    towards a digital school


    Lets get together and explore how your school works and how Kinderpedia can help you in a 40 minutes demo.


    Based on your school's particular needs, we adapt the platform by activating or deactivating certain modules and fields.


    To enhance adoption, we assist you along the onboarding process with staff training and acces to our tutorials library.


    Relax and enjoy the benefits of an efficient management solution. Our customer support team is always one click away.


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