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Fiona Duțu, Acorns Nursery: "A good teacher can shape a child’s future."

29 September, 2022

For World Teachers' Day, we asked passionate teachers in the Kinderpedia community some questions about the qualities and vision of a good teacher.
Discover below the answers of Fiona Duțu, Head Teacher at Acorns Nursery.

What is, in your view, the impact of a good teacher on the future of a child?

Everything! A good teacher can shape a child’s future by helping them to build strong values, attitudes (such as a positive mindset, flexibility etc), and can provide a role model of how to “be” in life. 

Which are the key attributes and competencies of a good teacher?

Kindness, patience, positive mindset (to always see the potential in every child), to set high but achievable goals for themselves and the children, to have good communication skills (towards children, parents and team)

What will the teacher of the future look like?

A competent user of technology (to know how to reach the generation of children they will teach); a combination of flexibility with organisation, recognising the value of mindfulness and emotional development as well as IQ.

What elements of the education - as we know it today - do you think will stand the test of time?

A love of children, creativity, innovation will stand the test of time better than particular philosophies or theories of education.

How do you see the role of technology in education - now and in the future?

As a teaching tool, to be utilized by teachers in order to make learning meaningful, interactive and stimulating. 

One classroom experience you will never forget

Every day things happen that i think i will never forget - but then i do - because they are replaced by other “unforgettable” moments, everything a child does for the first time; each time you have a breakthrough moment with a challenging child who seems not to listen, but then he starts to show changes in his behaviour or attitude. 

What was your first day as a teacher like?

I have no idea! Probably nerve wracking :)

What was your first day at school like as a child?

Horrible, i remember crying alot and trying to make my mum take me home.

What is your role model in the area of education?

A lady called Anne Winstrom who was my Mentor as an NQT. She had 5 children of her own and was also deputy head and teacher but she was always very positive and got things done, while also inspiring others. 

A book you would read over and over again

The Tiger Who Came to Tea - one of my favourite stories as a child and one that i love to read over and over again to children. 

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This year, UNESCO is celebrating International Teachers' Day under the slogan "Transforming education starts with teachers".
We asked teachers in the Kinderpedia community how they see the role of the teacher in education today and in the future. Their answers have resulted in a new column on the Kinderpedia blog called Teachers of the Future.
So we invite you to discover ideas, find inspiration and join a community of teachers who value education.





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