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Montessori Children uses Kinderpedia to boost family engagement

“With Kinderpedia, we gained a lot of time and a lot of joy, because of the happy families we have. Because of the multidimensional benefits that Kinderpedia brings to Montessori Children, I believe it pays for itself. We pay a small price, but we gain so much more in return.”

Stefania Voicu - Founder and Manager Montessori Children

How did Montessori Children make the transition to a digital, time-saving school management tool?

Stefania Voicu, the kindergarten’s manager, was looking for something that could help her organize her administrative tasks better and gain more time, because she was investing too much time in tedious paperwork.

“Before Kinderpedia I was spending a lot of time doing paperwork, administrative work that was stealing precious time from what was important to me: the programs for the children. I was looking for something that could help me organise better and gain more time, time that was important for meto think about strategic moves in the educational department.”
Stefania Voicu - Founder and Manager Montessori Children

Welcoming a completely customizable app that integrates all the needs of their institution

The Montessori Children team was surprised by the platform’s adaptability and its multitude of modules and functionalities.

“I didn’t think I could find something that customized to my needs, but I was surprised because Kinderpedia showed us that it offers much more that expected, it was diverse it was responding to three important needs that we had, the administrative department, the communication with the family and the educational department. We use this application for all our internal needs,” says the manager.

Permanent assistance from the support team makes transition smooth and fast

Montessori Children’s entire team appreciate the availability, support and openness Kinderpedia brings to the partnership.

“It’s easy to work with Kinderpedia. It’s easy to work with the application, it’s easy to work with the staff, and that was really amazing for us: the fact that the team is so open to understand our business and find specific approaches tailored to our needs - that made us really interested in going forward with the collaboration,” adds Stefania.

Enhancing communication and interactions between school and family

Our classroom management app simplifies educators’ work, planning and evaluation processes. By building a communication bridge between parents and teachers, Kinderpedia boosts families’ involvement.

“Using Kinderpedia over the time, showed us that our internal activity, our daily work, is much easier and much more fun to do because it allows us to be in contact with the family and communicate with each other in a very easy way,” states Stefania.

From strenuous financial operations to fully automated invoicing

Once the number of children attending Montessori Children begun to increase, centralizing all the informations, creating and sending invoices became a hassle. Kinderpedia’s school management financial system helps the kindergarten streamline their payment processes.

“One module we use heavily in Kinderpedia is the invoicing module. For us it was very hard over the time to centralize all the information in this department. The invoicing module is so easy to use and so complex at the same time that it allowed us to optimize our revenues and to have more transparency in relationship with the client."
Stefania Voicu - Founder and Manager Montessori Children

Montessori Children, a place where educators, parents and the wider community come together

The kindergarten’s mission is to provide formative experiences for children so that they become adults who are connected to themselves, true to their values and adaptable to change. They are ardent supporters of an education based on harmony between people and harmony within each individual.

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