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Leading education with technology: how modern digital tools support leadership in education

18 April, 2023

Technology has become an invaluable tool in empowering education leaders to become more efficient, effective and impactful in their roles. From saving time and streamlining communication to aligning goals and making informed decisions, technology has transformed the way education leaders operate. 

With advanced school management systems and digital tools, school teams can focus on meaningful activities that enhance students' learning, while also building trust and fostering a strong sense of community within the school. By choosing purposeful technology that aligns with their goals and values, education leaders can harness the power of technology to drive positive change in their schools.

How educational leaders can benefit from using the right digital tools in their schools

Time Saving 

Tens of years of studies across multiple fields and industries back the overwhelming impact of technology on efficiency of communication and management in all types of organisations and teams. Schools and nurseries make no exception. According to an international study conducted by the Berlin University of Applied Sciences in 2014, digital technology enables school personnel and management to save 6-9 hours a week, by reducing bureaucratic, iterative tasks and allowing them to focus on meaningful activities, which enhance students’ learning. 

Transparent Communication

Accessibility and transparency are two of the key ingredients of healthy communication within the school community. They reduce anxiety and build a strong bridge of trust between all education actors. A bridge which connects students, teachers, parents and school leaders. 

Technology makes it easy for school leaders to bring all relevant information at the reach of those interested in it, in real time. This may refer to curriculum updates, school calendar, parent activities, individual student progress or formation programmes for teachers and many more. 

Aligned Goals

Digital school management tools make it easy for school leaders to share their mission, vision and goals with the entire school community. When they commit to the same greater purpose, teachers, students and parents row in the same direction and achieve milestones faster. This increases motivation and loyalty in the school team and enhances overall reputation.  

Effective Planning and Resource Sharing 

Exceptional results are rooted in thorough planning. Having the entire school community under one single digital umbrella is the starting point of an articulate user architecture, with personalised roles, responsibilities and tailored access to resources. With classes, daily schedules, school projects and events neatly lined up in one single app, everyone is always in the loop and nothing important is left out. 

Sound Decision Making 

One of the greatest challenges education leaders have to face is taking decisions under uncertain circumstances. An advanced school management system brings specific data, reports  and graphs to the toolkit of every modern principal. This saves time, reduces anxiety and enables sound decision making. From occupancy reports, personnel planning, attendance or school performance reports, all stats and charts are one click away.

Choose Technology That Enables

School leaders can determine which technology is worth the time and money by thinking about what will most impact their school community, their class and their students. “The learning context must drive the thoughtful implementation of purposeful technology.” explains Shawn Mahoney, Ph.D., at McGraw-Hill.  “Technology will not be a burden to teachers — if it has purpose.”

Building Trust in the School Community with Kinderpedia

Teachers Have the Entire Classroom at Their Fingertips

The app reduces 6 to 9 hours a week of teachers’ administrative time, it empowers them and makes their work visible.

Kinderpedia brings all the classroom management functions in the palm of teachers‘ hand.

On the web and in the mobile app, they get quick access to timetable, electronic gradebook, homework, videoconferences, educational resource library, messaging, events calendar.

Students Take Responsibility for Their Own Education

Students take control of their educational objectives, tasks and deadlines. The simple and intuitive interface helps them become autonomous and responsible, but also motivated and engaged.

Families Become Partners in Children‘s Education

Kinderpedia keeps parents connected to children‘s schoolwork and progress.

The app facilitates real-time communication, it reduces parental anxiety and enables partnership. Families have access to information about classroom activity at all times. They can continue the learning process at home.

Schools Turn into Benchmarks of Value and Trust

Kinderpedia integrates all the planning, monitoring and reporting needs of a modern principal in one place. The platform enhances motivation and loyalty within the school team. It does so by eliminating redundant processes and bureaucracy, but, above all, by making shared goals and values transparent to the entire school community.

Kinderpedia supports leadership in education by providing school leaders with the tools and insights they need to make informed decisions and effectively manage their schools. Some of the ways Kinderpedia supports school leadership include time saving, improved visibility and transparency and streamlined decision making. Kinderpedia fosters better communication and collaboration between school leaders, teachers, and parents, ensuring that everyone is working together towards common goals.

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