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Helikon School uses Kinderpedia to foster a close relationship with families and build a vibrant community

“Technology allows us to create a particulat imprint of our school, but also to cultivate the universal values of society. I highly recommend Kinderpedia for the way it simplifiers our work and enriches our interaction in the Helikon community.”

Oana Moraru – Founder and Manager of Helikon School

Searching for effective ways to engage families in children’s education

The founder of Helikon School strongly believed that family’s involvement in children’s education is the main predictor of success in school, as well as in life. So she was looking for a school management software that allowed teachers to offer parents all the details about their children’s progress, Using technology to build a strong partnership between school and family became the school’s priority.

Since 2016, Kinderpedia empowers teachers from Helikon School to work digitally, connect easily with students and enjoy transparent communication with parents. Find out why they chose Kinderpedia in the first place and what makes them recommend our platform to every manager who wants to transform their school or childcare center into a landmark of value.

Helikon implemented the platform easily, both in school and in kindergarten

The teachers, manager, parents and the entire staff received initial training and support along the way.

“Whenever we need help, the technical team is a click away. Their response is prompt and personalized. Both the school team and the parents received answers right away or within hours to any request.”
Oana Moraru, Founder and Manager Helikon School

Parents become partners in children’s education with Kinderpedia

In the app, parents are updated in real time about their children’s progress, activities, events and wellbeing. Mihaela Nistor, mother of two school boys, talks about how the school management software helps her have an efficient, real-time communication with the school.

"As a parent, I have a valuable partner in Kinderpedia. I find it really useful that I can access the timetable at any time, that I can keep up with school projects, extracurricular activities and events. I can communicate with teachers and other teaching staff at any time and receive immediate feedback.”

Parents find Kinderpedia’s mobile app to be accessible and intuitive:“Basically, I have school in the palm of my hand and any relevant information is just a touch away.”, adds Mihaela Nistor.

The mother states that Kinderpedia is a window into her boys' school progress “It keeps me informed and gives me confidence that I know everything that's important in real time and that I can support their education in a calm and balanced way.” , she concludes.

Teachers have their entire class at their fingertips

The instructors of Helikon School take attendance, grade students, correct homework or send quick messages effortlessly. When needed, they can schedule a video conference from the timetable with a single click.
With a complete set of digital tools at their disposal, teachers save precious time they can invest into valuable school projects.

“The platform is very intuitive and easy to use. It helps me organise my activities and makes my work more efficient by saving time. It improves collaboration between teachers. The children used it on their own for class participation.“ , says Andreea Răvaș, Primary School Teacher, Educational Director at Helikon School

School managers can say goodbye to dusty files and embrace a digital way of working

Oana Moraru shares how being a school principal used to mean being isolated in a dusty office, buried between dozens of files and papers. Today she and her team have everything related to the management of their school, one click away. With the help of our school management software, they created simple and intuitive working procedures.

“With Kinderpedia, we achieved an efficient management of classes, of staff and a close relationship with families, something that schools did not have traditionally. We have everything in one place, on Kinderpedia, and that gives us confidence.”
Oana Moraru - Founder and Manager of Helikon School

Helikon School brings progressive pedagogy and innovative technologies together.

Helikon School is a community of over 200 students, supported by 35 teachers and administrative staff. They set out to bring a model of progressive pedagogy, with innovative technologies, both for children and for teachers and families. We want our students to be examples of healthy adults, to grow passionate and motivated, to develop their own, authentic and relevant voice in society. The mission of Helikon School is to build an open, adaptable and courageous mindset for the children in their care. In the vision of Helikon’s founder, Oana Moraru, it all starts from a challenging curriculum, able to build inspiration, collaboration and motivation to bring good to the world.

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