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grateful for 2023 at kinderpedia

Grateful for Our 2023: Celebrating Achievements and New Beginnings

22 December, 2023

We couldn't be more excited for 2024! 🎆

But first…we still want to hit the rewind button, because a lot happened in 2023. This year has been an incredible journey, filled with remarkable accomplishments, fantastic partnerships, and inspiring feedback that we can't wait to share with you. 

Because everybody deserves to witness and be a part of this remarkable story. 

So let’s wrap 2023 up together!

A lot of tasks truly felt easier for  you, our users, thanks to Kinderpedia’s features

85% of you are coming on Kinderpedia every day. And 9% more are accessing the platform 2-3 times a week. That’s a lot of time that we’re spending together and we’re excited by the opportunity to make a difference! 

Where would you say you spend most of your Kinderpedia time? That’s right, in the daily timeline. 75% of you are using it daily to mark check-ins or absences for the children in your groups or classes, showed a user survey we ran in August 2023.  

Custom reports are equally popular. That’s because they’re showing you at a glance various useful details you need to see, in a printable and filtered view: general attendance, attendance by activity, enrolled children or financial audits. 

kinderpedia reviews

Your wonderful words brought us a more than notable recognition across  the EdTech industry

Besides the fact that 8 in 10 users are tapping and browsing and scrolling on Kinderpedia every day, you’re also making an impact in helping other education providers cherry pick their school or kindergarten management platform! 

Your encouraging words on software evaluation platforms such as G2 and Capterra boosted Kinderpedia’s scores and placed us among the top software providers in the EdTech segment. 

🏆 Aaaand, the cherry on top was the release of G2’s Winter 2024 report: Kinderpedia came out as Leader in Childcare Software! Thanks to your notable support, we excelled in benefits that reflect the platform’s user friendliness, prompt customer support, and responsiveness and professionalism in B2B partnerships.

In the same report, Kinderpedia excelled in other categories as well: School Management and Classroom Management.We cannot be grateful enough for your support and trust. It’s such words that keep us going.

KP Reviews

Whose story did we tell this year?

We wanted to reflect the story and journey with Kinderpedia for as many of you as possible. We managed for only a few, but those encounters were truly meaningful. 

Each time we were graciously welcomed into your world with open hearts, warmth, and even some delightful treats.

With infinite joy we found out that Raiz International School managed, with the help of Kinderpedia, to bridge the gap between active learning and parental involvement and the teachers are more than happy with the outcome. The wonderful team of educators at EB Fontainhas School acquired a lot of digital skills once they adopted Kinderpedia. Questfield School managed to eliminate confusion and inappropriate communication times in school-parent communication thanks to the quick messaging and live chat functionalities in Kinderpedia. Last but not least, since Kinderpedia can integrate various curricula, Montessori School of Bucharest was more than happy to find their specific progress items on the platform.  

For some, being in front of the camera was a new experience. While most of you are accustomed to leading and guiding children, stepping into a different role might have felt a bit awkward. 

Even so, the experience you shared and the detailed account of how Kinderpedia makes it easier to get through your daily tasks not only reflects a step forward that you made in eliminating the numerous chats, sheets or archives that you used to juggle with. But it also tells a real story for those who have yet to decide to accept the challenge and start using a school and kindergarten management app that truly caters to their needs. 

This  one is to assure you that you’re in good hands

In 2023, more Middle Eastern schools and kindergartens sealed partnerships with Kinderpedia. Our platform offers them an easy-scalable tool that fits today's digital-driven way of learning, so that they align with the expanding educational landscape in the region and cater better to students' needs.

We enthusiastically welcomed partners from two new countries in our portfolio - South Africa and Nigeria - and we’re grateful that they had the courage to shake things up in their communities.

Building robust partnerships and connecting with many of you at prestigious industry events like CES Las Vegas, BETT London, School & Nursery Show Dubai and Abu Dhabi, GESS Dubai, Mobile World Conference Las Vegas, EdEx MENA Dubai, Stem MENA Conference or International School Leaders Conference, London was incredibly rewarding.

These events serve as invaluable opportunities for us to connect with key stakeholders and stay up to date with news in the EdTech landscape, to be able to continually improve our product.

 kinderpedia demo   colaj 11  

In 2023, our community's support was truly invaluable and brought us several awards. We made it to the finals in various major events in the Edtech and software industry. We proudly received the Software Product of the Year award at the ANIS Gala, acknowledging our platform’s adaptability to meet the digital requirements of schools worldwide. Additionally, Kinderpedia was honoured with The Best Educational Project award by French Tech Bucharest, recognizing our commitment to making a groundbreaking impact in this field. To top it off, we were named finalists in two categories at the GESS Education Awards. 

Each recognition speaks of our impact within the EdTech sector and echoes our commitment to change the way in which schools and kindergartens work and communicate their mission.

A highlight was our participation at WebSummit in Lisbon, where Kinderpedia was selected by experts in the industry as one of the 3 PITCH finalists. In the final, we captured 54% of the public's votes. The event gathered over 70,000 participants and numerous tech innovators.


2023 also marks the beginning of our membership as BSME Partners (British Schools in the Middle East). An incredible chance for us to bring our digital innovation to the education community in the region. 

Throughout the year, we remained dedicated to supporting the education community by partnering up in two award galas dedicated to visionary school headmasters. Additionally, we hosted more than 20 workshops and webinars, sharing useful insights into the educational landscape across different regions, and empowering our users to confidently incorporate the platform's features into your daily routines.

As you guide children’s learning, we're here to make sure you get your share of learning opportunities

Just in time for the summer holiday, we launched our Active Learning White Paper, a comprehensive material that aims to emphasise the importance of integrating active learning into the classroom.

whitepaper en mockup small

One of your challenges today probably lies in positioning the teaching-learning process and providing students with sustainable learning tools.

So the document explores various in-person and digital methods and tools that can render the process more flexible and personalised. Moreover, you'll discover resources to guide you in implementing active learning in your setting.


To reinforce our aim of bringing valuable content, tools and inspiration to the education community, we also launched a podcast series called Expert Talks. The first two episodes welcomed learning design expert Olimpia Meșa and school experience strategist David Willows, respectively. Like hidden gems, their most valuable advice unveil as you delve deeper into the conversation. 

You asked, we delivered

You kept our dev team in Cluj pretty busy in 2023! 

We carefully listened to what you needed to see or do on Kinderpedia. So many of this year's new features were a direct result of your feedback and requests.

To name only a few:

  • If you’re a school or kindergarten manager with multiple headquarters, you now have a centralised reporting feature in one dashboard, to see all enrolled children, key activity figures or financial stats
  • The gradebook now includes even more customisations, such as number or letter-based evaluation, depending on your curriculum
  • We’ve taken quick messages to the next level by introducing filtering and labels to make communication with children and their families even more personalised and inclusive
  • Our newsfeed now allows teachers to write on a child’s personal wall and let parents know of their achievements. What a great way to build a child’s trust and personal portfolio!  

kinderpedia dashboard
Got any plans for Monday, at 11 AM?

We’re part of the technology landscape which means that we face intermittent technical issues. Still our client satisfaction rate is over the roof. Because our wonderful customer success team is really there for you, and replies to any request in less than 5 minutes. 

In case you’re curious, you sent us roughly 8531 requests; we successfully solved 98% of them. Our statistics show that you’re mostly active on our live chat support on Mondays, around 11 AM.

We worked hard, but we also looked at our wellbeing as a team

If you've been keeping up with our social media, you probably noticed that in addition to motivational content, value-added resources, and upcoming events where you can connect with us, we also share glimpses of our team's activities.

In 2023, for Earth Day, we took part in a tree planting initiative organised by our friends at MaiMultVerde. It was a time for us to focus on our footprint and on creating a more sustainable future for our children.

Furthermore, we brought the whole team together for an unforgettable team-building experience. We spent four incredible days at a mountain cabin nestled in a pine tree forest, in the realm of brown bears. Our days were filled with hiking, biking, and evenings gathered around a bonfire, sharing personal stories and aspirations.


To tell you the truth, we’re sometimes thinking of changing careers….

And become tote bag designers. 

Our tote bags stole the spotlight at every local and international fair, outshining even our innovative platform. For sure, our designer’s creative skills complement Kinderpedia’s next gen features seamlessly.

 totebag   kinderpedia totebag message  

That being said, thank you for being part of our 2023 journey! We’re looking forward to a wonderful 2024, with just as much dedication to offering schools a user-friendly and innovative digital tool. As you continue to grow your communities, we're committed to being a steadfast ally for schools and kindergartens. 



The complete communication and management solution for schools and childcare centres.

Simplifies teachers' work and brings parents closer to their children's school progress.

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