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With Kinderpedia, Acorns Nursery enjoys the perks of an all-in-one communication and nursery management solution

“Kinderpedia helps us establish a partnership with parents while giving educators a more efficient time-management. The platform eases the communication between the educators and the families and gives each parent the comfort of feeling involved and in control, with just a click.“

Valentina Secară, Founder of Acorns Nursery

From time-consuming didactic and organizational activities, to an integrated and effective nursery management system

Before implementing Kinderpedia, the British curriculum nursery used various separate tools for family communication and nursery management. This made their organizational, didactic and financial activities tiring and time consuming.

“Prior to the implementation of Kinderpedia, we used a set of communication tools that we discovered over time, some more professional, some less professional, including the mailchimp system for communicating weekly information with parents, which involved informing parents about activities we were running or events or visits of children."
Valentina Secară, Founder and Manager of Acorns Nursery

No more disruptions when switching from one platform to another

Before Acorns Nursery started using Kinderpedia, parents received the information about the children’s activities via various social media platforms, printable templates, notes and e-mails. The educators struggled to keep the families up to date with the activities and progress their children made. As the number of enrolled children grew, the communication between nursery and families became more and more troublesome, leading to parents missing out on important announcements.

"One of the difficulties we faced was that parents were not getting timely information about their children's biorhythms. We would give them notes at the end of the day and post their daily activities in a closed Facebook group. But not all parents had Facebook and some didn't access it as often as we thought. Parents didn't read emails with information or reminders about events at kindergarten. We used several channels to keep in touch with the family: Facebook groups, phone calls and whatsapp, emails. It was hard to juggle between them and make sure we had a consistent flow of information," says Raluca Cimpoiasu, Deputy Head Teacher at Acorns Nursery.

With Kinderpedia, educators and parents have all the information they need at their fingertips

Acorns Nursery educators have a complete set of information about each child, right in the mobile app. The childcare management platform saves them a lot of time.

“Now I have a very clear picture of the situation in the last two weeks for example. I can check attendance, how much the child has eaten during this time, what activities he has participated in. In the past, this information was somewhat lost in the notes that we gave parents every day and I had to check the child's file and this was quite time-consuming,” adds Raluca.

Then, Acorns Nursery started using Kinderpedia.

A smooth implementation to kickstart a great collaboration

The collaboration between Acorns Nursery and Kinderpedia went very smoothly. From the beginning, the educators, the administrative staff and the parents benefited from implementation support, trainings and prompt assistance whenever needed.

“The collaboration with Kinderpedia went very smoothly. We benefited from the beginning from implementation support, staff training in the use of the platform and prompt assistance when we had questions or difficulties. The exchange of information needed to set up the platform for Acorns was quick and clear. Acorns staff easily understood what Kinderpedia partners needed to accomplish the setup. The technical team was very open to suggestions and quickly adapted some of the platform functionality to our needs.” , confesses Valentina Secară.

An integrated time-saving management solution

Kinderpedia has integrated all the instruments the nursery used, into one efficient and complete tool, enhancing transparent communication and empowering the staff to streamline their administrative processes.

“Kinderpedia is a friendly educational platform, with a pleasant, attractive interface. The platform is constantly growing and so do the services for the benefit of those who access it. The fact that it offers permanent and prompt assistance makes Kinderpedia very accessible, both for parents and staff.”
Valentina Secară - Founder and Manager of Acorns Nursery

A more efficient and transparent communication

The platform eases the communication between the educators and the parents and gives each parent the comfort of feeling involved and in control, with just a click.

“Using Kinderpedia has established and maintained a professional relationship with parents. Through the app, they get access to information quickly and objectively. Parents also received technical assistance whenever they needed it,” Valentina tells us.

Parents receive real-time information about how much the children eat and sleep, how they feel and learn throughout the day.

“Communication on Kinderpedia has accustomed parents to prompt information and a certain type of data delivered through the platform. And this aspect added to the professional character of Acorn's relationship with its parents,” adds the manager.

An interactive and friendly online teaching process

During the online school, Kinderpedia offers a safe and handy communication environment for teachers and families, it helps the educators engage the children in exciting projects and facilitates distance learning.

“During the online school period, Kinderpedia was a safe and handy tool for communication, activity management and distance learning.” , says Valentina.

Acorns Nursery, the place where children discover the world guided by the values of inclusion and tolerance

Acorn Nursery offers formative experiences true to their values and adaptable to change.
Acorns Nursery started its activity in 2004, as a British kindergarten, with 2 enrolled children. Today, the British curriculum nursery operates in two locations and opens up horizons for more than 150 small explorers, preparing them for a life based on respect and mutual understanding.

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