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SeedBlink lists Kinderpedia in a round led by ROCA X meant to accelerate the transformation of education in Romania and in Europe

Kinderpedia is a complete communication and management solution dedicated to schools and kindergartens, based on permanent collaboration and real-time communication between teachers, students and parents. The whole activity is centralized, so it reduces the administrative time of teachers by over 40%, improves parental involvement, through a secure and easy to use interface and offers school principals a complete perspective on all activities and communication in the institution.

Kinderpedia brings together, on the same digital platform, all the administrative tools necessary for the proper organisation of school activity. From check-in with QR code to take students’ attendance, or instant access to the daily schedule and gradebook, to remote video teaching, homework module and quick messaging, Kinderpedia provides the digital infrastructure required to transform the education system in Romania, as well as in Europe. In addition, the platform includes functions of automatic invoicing, financial management and online payment of school tuition fees, by integration with electronic payment systems.

Within the current round, for €400,000, the company offers 15.4% of the capital. SeedBlink, the largest regional equity crowdfunding platform dedicated to innovative start-ups, lists Kinderpedia for €200,000 funding, in a round led by ROCA X, which has already committed €200,000. A project for disruptive businesses at the beginning of the road, ROCA X relies on the relevance of eduTech solutions in the context of the recent period and sees in Kinderpedia the chance for Romanian education to increase its efficiency and assimilate the digital tools that new generations learn and use intuitively.

“This funding round is a valuable opportunity to take the transformation we started in education five years ago one step forward. The funds will be allocated mainly to accelerate marketing and sales in Romania, UK, Portugal and Switzerland. The agreement with Roca X and the listing on SeedBlink represent a chance to attract new partners with similar values. Together, we aim to make the transition to a connected education and support children's development in the early years of school.”
Daniel Rogoz, CEO and Co-founder of Kinderpedia

"We bet on the quality of the solution offered by Kinderpedia due to their personalized sales model, based on research applied to the needs and behaviours of all factors involved - parents, children, teachers and educational institutions in Romania and Switzerland. Consequently, we are confident that the acceleration of Kinderpedia's growth rate will soon cascade to other European markets. With a product, as complex as it is versatile and intuitive, complemented by a strong customer orientation, Kinderpedia has deeply understood the needs of schools and has managed to establish partnerships with some of the most prestigious educational institutions. As a parent, I adhere to their vision of involving the family in education from the first years, when the partnership with the teacher brings the greatest benefits for the child's development, "said Alexandru Bogdan, CEO of ROCA X

Designed for scaling from the very beginning, Kinderpedia is a cloud-based platform, securely hosted on Amazon Web Servers and works as a native app on Android and iOS. The application is multi-language and multi-currency and is already available in nine languages. The innovative approach to the educational process has brought Kinderpedia awards at important competitions and events, such as: Innovators for Children accelerator, where it obtained first place, Startarium Pitch Day, Business Review Gala, European Angel Investment Summit in Brussels.

Currently, more than 2,000 prestigious schools and kindergartens in the country and abroad are registered on Kinderpedia. Among the Romanian institutions present on the platform are: Ioanid School, Aletheea School, Just4Kids School, Matei International School, Butterfly Kindergartens, Deutsche Schule, Helikon School, Saga Kid, Elf Cluj, Montessori Children, Acorns Nursery. Schools and kindergartens in Switzerland, Jordan, Peru etc. also operate on the platform. There are 63 million children enrolled in school and kindergarten, aged between 0 and 14, in ten European countries targeted by Kinderpedia.

Kinderpedia is a complete communication and management solution dedicated to education, which reflects the vision of the three founders, Daniel Rogoz, Evelina Necula and Valentin Ilea to transform education by optimizing administrative processes and placing parent-teacher collaboration right at the center of the teaching act. Kinderpedia was born in 2015, following a European funding of 135,000 euros. Today, investments in the platform total almost one million euros. Kinderpedia modules include: child and family management, group management, activity schedule, event calendar, weekly menu, check-in based on QR code, gradebook, remote video teaching, notebook, homework module, fast messaging, enrolment and capacity planning, staff management, daily timeline and reporting, individual observations for each activity, photo and video gallery, customizable push notifications on the mobile application, children's medical registry, survey mode, newsletter module, documents’ cloud storage, multiple locations management, custom reports, revenue forecasting, automatic billing, in-app online payments.
ROCA X is a project designed for disruptive businesses at the beginning of the road: young entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas in the field of technology, in the stage of MVP or prototype, with the vision to have an impact on society and the passion to turn this desire into reality. ROCA X does not operate exclusively in a certain niche, but actively monitors both economic evolution and fast-growing areas, as well as new trends in technology, derived from the new dimensions of the development of society and humanity. ROCA X's ambition is to be a regional player, with access to European technology companies, to create a bridge between tech companies, human resources necessary for their development, capital from private and institutional sources and worldwide markets with an extremely fast approach to decisions-making in business.
SeedBlink is the largest regional equity crowdfunding platform, which supports investors and democratizes investments by "matching" them with innovative start-ups. Our commitment and mission are to support the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, allowing start-ups seeking financing access to the platform and, first of all, facilitating the choice of preferred start-ups by investors. Even so, the funds are at risk of being lost. Investments in start-ups are considered worldwide as risky business and investors should allocate to this approach only the amounts they can afford to lose. Some of the ways to reduce risks are to diversify investments and to choose with preference the areas in which investors have experience and / or companies in whose products they strongly believe.


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