first day of school

First day of school: milestone event for children

09 September, 2021

First day of school is a milestone event for children and helps them to build children's independence and self-confidence and helps them grow.

First day of school is a milestone event for children and helps them to build children's independence and self-confidence and helps them grow. Back-to-school is an event that will always be accompanied by a certain amount of nervous excitement or anxiety, but as parents, we can minimize fear of the unknown by being positive about school. There is a lot to be done to prepare for the first day of school and for the year ahead, including checking in about children’s fears, anxieties, and concerns. 

Here are some tips that could give your child a new perspective about the fist day of school 

Talk to your child about their feelings  

 A child who understands their emotions is more resilient and adaptable. Encouraging and supporting the development of children's social-emotional skills can ensure a smoother adjustment. This means talking to children about the emotions they feel when they think about starting school: are they afraid, sad, angry, or confused? What exactly are their fears? If we find out what their fears are, we can help them overcome them and reassure them that we are there for support on their first day of school. We can encourage them and be there for them at difficult early times. Parents can tell them what their first day at school was like and how they coped with their emotions.

Visit the school or classroom before the first day 

Children adapt more easily to new environments if they gradually get used to them. A visit, or several, to the school, where children can see the room where they will learn, the place where they will keep their things or the bathroom - helps a lot in the adaptation process and can take away some of the fears of the unknown that plague young children when they enter the community.

Meet the teacher before school starts

Young children find it harder to get used to people they don't know. A meeting with teachers is an ice-breaker and the first step towards a trusting relationship. Teachers can organize an informal meeting with children and their parents in the park or even at school to help them settle in and get to know each other. This is a good opportunity for parents to ask questions and clarify the final details of the start of the school year.

If a face-to-face meeting is not possible, teachers can send a short video introducing themselves, talking about their favorite color, animal, or song and how excited they are about the first day of school. 

Go school shopping

Make a list together of everything your kid will need for school. The fact that they can choose for themselves and that their opinion is taken into account empowers them and increases their confidence in their strengths.

Read books about the first day of school

Books about the first day of school get children used to the idea, expose them to the emotions they will go through, and, most importantly, give them a solution, a best-case scenario that the protagonists arrive at and that children will take on board when they listen to the story. 

Treat others how you want to be treated

For some children, it can be an embarrassing experience to share an adult's attention with a whole class full of children on the first day of school. Teaching your children to treat others the way they would like to be treated will help them put themselves in others' shoes and avoid getting angry about lack of attention.

Mindset for the first day of school

„Every mistake is a lesson” and this is the perfect mindset for the year ahead. Children will forget to study, will forget a homework assignment, they will oversleep or feel moody. It is always important to teach kids that mistakes are lessons that inform us on how to act later on. It also helps them convert disappointment into a positive.

Chances are your child will struggle at some point with a task, a concept or a subject while at school. In those moments it will be helpful for them to know that they don't have to be the best at everything, but they must try their hardest. Saying these words will also keep your child from feeling self-conscious when others do well. There is no need for comparison, just do your best.

On the first day of school, when they walk through the gate with a tight heart, hold their hands and smile confidently. Let's reassure them that we are with them every step of the way, when they succeed, when they fail - when they change the world.

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