benefits of travel

Benefits of travel for kids

22 July, 2022

The benefits of travel on children's development are countless - cultural experiences, new adventures and closer family ties, developing independence and curiosity.

The benefits of travel on children's development are countless - cultural experiences, new adventures and closer family ties, developing independence and curiosity.Being able to give children such an experience, from an early age, helps to cultivate a passion for travel; a passion that plays a vital role in their development. Our children live in a world that has become increasingly accessible, and this new age of travel offers them opportunities that until recently they could only dream of. 

Travelling is always a great idea because it's never too early
to start exploring and discovering the world! 

Benefits of travel on children's development:

1. Educational benefits

Whether you decide to visit another country, city or continent, there are sure to be educational benefits to your getaway. Children will have the opportunity to experience different cultures and learn about the history of the area, giving them a broader and more open world view.

2.Travel can build stronger family relationships

Travel can bring families together from the planning stage. Well-done planning will also mean time spent together researching and discussing the trip schedule, objectives and route. The trip itself will provide many opportunities to strengthen relationships. Trips create more time to talk, experience and play with your little ones. You will have many shared experiences that will bring you closer together. Remain open and flexible even when changes occur in your initial planning and discuss, as a family, what immediate next directions you want to take. 

3. Travel opens up new horizons 

One of the best things about travelling is that it requires an open and learning attitude. Multicultural awareness along with new and interesting experiences is an eye-opener and also a good opportunity to discuss all these cultural variations with your little ones. They understand how and why cultures, languages and religions are different and how fascinating it is to discover new information about each one. The benefits of travel are felt when children are exposed to multicultural contexts and thus understand how important it is, in this increasingly connected world, that these cultural differences are accepted. 

4. Adventure travel

Among the benefits of travel on children's development is the stimulation of an appetite for adventure. Travel is a great way to give children a chance to experience joy and adventure. Wherever they travel, children want to discover new things, wonder and seek answers. They will step out of their comfort zone and experience new and exciting things they wouldn't have the opportunity to do at home. Prepare mystery stories about the history of the places you visit, organise a treasure hunt, go to museums and try interactive experiences.

5. The child becomes more responsible 

Trips are the exception to the daily routine and require organisation and involvement from every member of the family. Travelling with young children gives them the opportunity to take on new roles within the family, in decision-making and planning. For example, you can encourage your child to organise their own luggage or you can organise it together; you can encourage your children to research what they would like to visit and discuss together how you can include those destinations. These things will empower them to organise and take on roles. 

6. Children will become more adaptable and flexible

When you are in a place where languages, customs, transport and food are different from what you are used to, there will be a lot of unpredictability. Although most of the time you will start each day with a plan of what you want to do, you need to remain flexible and help your little ones to do the same. Unexpectedly long queues, late trains or buses, or bad weather will cause you to change your plan for the day. This will train the whole family's patience and adaptability to the unexpected.

7. Travel teaches children that diversity should be celebrated

Among the benefits of travel on children's development is interaction with diversity. Travel teaches children that although we look different, perhaps use a different language, have different dishes, unique values and customs and different religions, we are in many ways the same. Diversity reminds us why it's good to look at others' perspectives and helps us to practice empathy more. 

8. Self-discovery

The benefits of travel on children's development are countless; however, one of the most important changes we can see in young children when they travel is the restructuring of their own personality. Children will be amazed by what they discover about the world around them, but also by what they learn about themselves while travelling. Children will discover what interests them, including what their favourite places are. This kind of self-discovery is important for children, as they will later be more confident in the world around them, but also in their own strengths. 

Travel is important for children's harmonious development and, given the right resources, travel should become a recurring habit in children's lives. The benefits of travel on children's development are manifold and are felt in the relationships children have with others, with the world around them and with themselves. Through trips to other cities or countries, children will learn more about who they are and develop skills and characteristics that they will use throughout their lives.

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Do you travel with your kids? Do you have any travelling stories to share? 

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