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More than half of parents interact every day with the kindergarten’s representatives;

One-third of them use laptops or smartphones to access news from the kindergarten daily; in the case of parents whose children attend private kindergartens, the ratio exceeds 40%;

46% of parents stated that the kindergarten usually shares pictures or videos of their children via social networks, while 77% of them don’t consider social media a secure and appropriate environment to post this type of content;

82% of the parents questioned expressed their interest in using an app that facilitates the access to information regarding the kids’ activities in kindergarten.

In June 2016, Kinderpedia – the first Romanian app dedicated to the interaction between parents and kindergartens – in partnership with iVox, a research institute, conducted a quantitative research regarding the communication between parents and kindergartens’ representatives – teachers and administrators. The survey has been carried online at national level, having a margin of error of plus or minus 2% and a total of 4,800 respondents.

The results emphasized a high interest among parents in the parent-kindergarten communication, as more than half of them (54,8%) said they have daily discussions with the child’s teacher. 1 in 5 parents discuss with kindergarten’s representatives every 2-3 days, while 16,8% of them do it weekly.

With reference to the communication channels in top preferences, personal, face-to-face talks are practiced at present by 90% of the parents taking part in the survey, followed by mobile phone communication (44%) and the kindergarten’s bulletin board (41%).

Virtual media has been gaining ground in the parent-kindergarten communication, as it is being used more and more often especially by parents whose children attend a private kindergarten. Nearly one-third of the parents use a PC (30%) or a smartphone (29%) daily in order to get information provided by the kindergarten. Moreover, 30% of the parents confirmed that they receive data from the institution on PC and 24% of them on smartphones at least once a week. In the case of parents whose children attend a private kindergarten, the use of digital media increases: 42% of them use a PC daily, while other 41% who use it at least weekly to access information from the kindergarten. 43% of the respondents admitted to using a smartphone on a daily basis, while 32% of them use it at least once a week for the relationship with the kindergarten.

Considering the data provided daily by the kindergarten, parents place the food menu (47%) on the first spot. They also receive weekly activity reports, both individual (29,59%) or for the child’s group (33,62%) and observation forms (21,62%). Many kindergartens share information with the parents monthly regarding extracurricular activities program (44,54%), child’s development assessment (43.89%), events calendar (41,48%), agenda of shared of parents - children activities (39,41%), educational resources for home use (29.15%).

Usage of social media by kindergartens, in spite of being an increasing tendency, remains a controversial topic. According to the answers from nearly half of the parents participating in the survey (46,23%), kindergartens usually post photographs and videos of their children via social media. When asked if they consider social networks a safe and secure environment to share data and personal images of their children, 77,7% of the parents gave a negative response.

The indicators regarding parents’ satisfaction with the parent-kindergarten communication show that 47% of them are content with the information they receive from the kindergartens’ representatives; in the case of parents whose children attend a private kindergarten, the ratio reaches 57%. More than half of the respondents (51,64%) are satisfied and very satisfied with the kindergarten’s prompt response to their matters, and in the case of parents who have chosen a private kindergarten for their young, the figure is as high as 66%.

Preschool teachers enjoy the greatest confidence among parents (77%). However, less than a half of the parents (47,6%) state a high degree of confidence in the preschool system in general.

Most parents (82%) are interested in using a desktop or smartphone app that facilitates access to information about the kids' activities in kindergarten. 95% of the respondents said they are willing to pay extra for such a service: 57% would spend for it between 10 and 20 Ron monthly, while 36% would spend between 20 and 50 Ron to benefit of such a facility.

One out of ten participants heard about Kinderpedia and knew it is a platform dedicated to the interaction between kindergarten, teachers and parents; in the case of parents whose children attend private kindergartens, the ratio is double: 2 out of 10.

Among the features desired from such an app, over 50% of respondents mentioned: viewing the child's daily accomplishments, individual agenda for the daily curriculum, an interactive calendar of events, encrypted image and video gallery, the possibility to keep in touch with the educators using a chat module. The parents whose children attend private kindergartens also mentioned the option to pay the tuition fees using the app (37%).

“The enthusiasm shown by parents for Kinderpedia inspires and motivates us to continue the development and promotion of this digital and interactive solution designed to meet the needs of dialogue and cooperation between the kindergartens’ representatives and parents. In the forthcoming months, Kinderpedia will conduct a case study within several innovative kindergartens from Bucharest and Cluj, aiming to should outline the results of the quantitative survey that was led this summer and reveal new data about the ways in which teachers and parents use technology and new media for the benefit of their daily communication.” says Daniel Rogoz, CEO and Founder of Kinderpedia.

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About Kinderpedia

Launched in April 2015, Kinderpedia is an intelligent tool, which enables teachers to maintain an efficient communication with the parents, to keep track of all the important news regarding the children and view the history of their activities. With the mobile app, parents can easily access the most relevant information regarding the children’s daily schedule: whether they have eaten and slept, details about their mood and the children’s engagement in the daily activities.

Kinderpedia is also available for smartphones through the iOS and Android apps.

Moreover, the platform is useful for kindergarten administrators, because it provides easy access to attendance reports or reports on the teachers’ activities and also, financial statement.

About iVox

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